What is InfoFlo?

InfoFlo is a comprehensive CRM solution that can be accessed online or installed locally. Contact management, computer telephony integration, marketing and sales automation, and customer support are all included in the system. Users can also access InfoFlo's core features, such as email marketing, appointments and meetings, project management, Skype and Outlook integration, and task management, which can all be shared in real time among team members.

InfoFlo will collaborate with clients to create a CRM that is tailored to their company's size and needs. Small to midsize B2B companies in a variety of industries, including accounting, software, construction, real estate, healthcare, and others, can use the solution. As add-ons, it also provides project management, email marketing, invoicing, and document management modules.

InfoFlo has an easy-to-use interface and a fantastic workspace, though it may appear cluttered at first. But once you get the hang of it, you begin to appreciate the power that a large number of tools at your disposal provide. It's also very convenient that InfoFlo allows you to link relevant data fields. For example, you can link not only multiple contacts to a single company, but also multiple companies to a single contact - a feature not found in many other CRMs.

What truly distinguishes InfoFlo are the little useful features tucked away in other menus; for example, multiple users can update the same document and, while it appears as a single file, each version can be viewed and accessed, with a complete record of changes. Also, if one user is updating a file, to ensure integrity, the other users are denied access to it.