What is Infor CRM?

Infor is a comprehensive CRM with features for sales, customer service, and marketing. However, mobile sales are its strong suit, and the platform includes an affordable, mobile-only version for reps on the go. If you have an in-house developer, the system can be extended and customized to virtually any business process in any industry, from airline carriers to casinos to industrial manufacturers. Customization If you can code, Infor allows you to customize the system far beyond its standard functionality. This includes C# extensions which can connect to various APIs, creating more value than an out-of-the-box solution. If you`ve worked with open source CRMs such as SugarCRM, Infor is a little harder to configure.

Infor Software Ecosystem Infor offers a vast range of software for industry, cross-industry, operational, and technology platform capabilities. And with over 2000 BPM applications, there`s something for everyone. In this review, we`ll stick to Infor CRM`s capabilities, but it`s worth noting the product can be extended to cover every aspect of your business. Mobile CRM Most CRMs offer a mobile version of their CRM, but not all apps are created equal. With Infor`s mobile application, you get rich functionality from multiple devices. Mobile-heavy sales teams can even opt to subscribe to the mobile version alone for a reduced price.

The CRM also lets you create your own mobile version. Customer Service Teams Customer profiles: 360-degree customer profiles give you all the info you need to process customer requests quickly. Ina single record, you`ll find interaction history, warranties and associated documents, contact information, purchases, invoices, and customer preferences.

Any team member can tend to the client and deliver a high-quality customer experience. Self-service portals: With Infor, you can build the customer self-service solution you need. For example, you can publish an online database, automate simple requests such as password resets, and scale your support with intelligent chatbots. Customers are served faster using fewer human resources.

Sales Features Salesforce automation: When tested against the market, Infor`s functionality covered 92% of salesforce features, well above the industry average. You can build unlimited workflows for tedious tasks, like data entry and automate top-of-funnel communications. Pipelines: You can get real-time visibility into your sales process using the pipelines feature. You can track the movement of prospects through the sales funnel and create multiple customized channels for your business.

Sales territories: The platform can route leads and manage accounts based on customer/prospect location. This function is helpful for larger companies with national and international sales territories. Whatever the entry point, Infor will route clients to the correct local office. This allows you to separate sales and marketing statistics between different locals.

Then, you can quickly generate reports comparing different territories, allowing you to identify sales trends and differentiate your forecasts between locations.

Marketing Tools Territory management: This feature is equally helpful to marketing teams, as they can identify trends by location and target regional hot spots. Track marketing metrics: View budget information, response metrics, and other KPIs to help you calculate and analyze campaign ROI.

Reports and analytics: Use simple, easy-to-create reports to show conversion rates, lead source, and sales potential. Stay within budget: Infor tracks your budget vs. actual spend by campaign or by each task, ensuring you stay within budget.

Real-time performance tracking: Track your campaigns` success at every stage, and on every channel, with real-time data such as customer response rates and associated revenue.

Dashboards: Prebuilt dashboards let you view campaign performance in real-time. Or, you can integrate with third-party apps like Sugar market if you need a more granular breakdown of your campaigns.

Lead management: Infor can score and assign leads automatically. You never miss an opportunity when it`s hot with the immediate allocation of leads, plus auto-assignment of tasks and follow-up activities. Infor Xbar With the Xbar add-on, navigating Infor CRM is as easy as opening your Outlook account. The Infor Xbar enables you to access most of the CRM`s functionality from a contextual window docked in the Microsoft UI. You can access a vast range of customer data, including interaction history, follow-up tasks, leads by source, and opportunity management. Work with and modify the CRM information, complete tasks, and update the record, all without losing sight of your Microsoft Outlook inbox.

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