What is Insightly CRM?

Insightly combines project management with CRM to support clients through the entire customer lifecycle. It also boasts a beautiful, customizable interface that is both easy and enjoyable to use. Automation features eliminate many tedious tasks, so your sales team can do what it does best—selling. While the platform lacks some functionality, it`s best-in-class for sales automation and customization. We recommend taking advantage of the 14-day trial to see if Insightly has the right mix of features for you. Ease of Use Insightly is gorgeous to look at.

Colorful, eye-catching visuals pack a lot of information on the page without feeling overwhelming. But Insightly offers more than a pretty face. The attention to design principles means it`s also easy to use. Use drag-and-drop tools to setup layouts, pipelines, fields, and more. The intuitive icons mean you aren`t left wondering how to execute an action. And every feature is carefully architected within the context of the overall application, making it easy on the eyes and fingers. With just a little training, you can seamlessly move from task to task in Insightly.

Customization CRM has a reputation for being inflexible, and you often have to pay a higher price to get the customization you need. By contrast, Insightly lets you build the platform around your business rather than vice versa. You can customize virtually every element of Insightly CRM. Add and remove fields, buttons, and tabs with ease. Data can be arranged in grids, lists, graphs, or Kanban boards. Whatever information you need to be successful, you can it add to your layout. And whatever is getting in the way, you simply remove. The mobile app is also highly customizable.

Sales reps have access to the data they need in the field and can remove anything cluttering their mobile screen. Project Management Many CRM platforms keep the buyer moving seamlessly through each step of the sales process, only to abandon them once the deal is won. This is where Insightly distinguishes itself. With its native project management, every sale automatically converts to a new project. Insightly`s workflows will automatically trigger a cascade of actions to get the new project rolling. This means there is no delay between closing a deal and getting to work on the deliverables.

All customer data follows the buyer to the delivery stage, eliminating the need for manual re-entry. Your team can get to work faster, and deliver faster, increasing customer satisfaction. Automated Activity Sets Tired of setting the same tasks week after week? Insightly`s Activity Set feature lets you set up a series of tasks in one step. This is much more efficient than inputting the tasks one-by-one. For example, you can set up all the tasks associated with a new lead: assigning the lead, making a sales call, then sending a follow-up email. This ensures no one falls through the cracks and every rep follows the same process.

Many of these steps can be completed automatically by Insightly, including progressing your lead from one step to the next as actions are completed. Sales reps don`t have to endure menial sales tasks, plus your pipeline is always up to date. Insightly also offers marketing automation, but this is an add-on plan. Marketing features begin at US$ 299/month, which may place it out of range for many small to medium-sized businesses.