What is Insureio?

Insureio is a CRM solution for insurance firms that helps them sell their brand, manage prospects, and assist their current customers. The numerous modules can be used to manage everything related to sales, marketing, brokering, and customer service.

Users may maintain policies, arrange key documents, and respond to case ticket requests. Through integrations with over 30 different carrier quote systems, you can even apply for and distribute new policies electronically from within the CRM.

To get the most out of automation, automate your insurance marketing and lead management. Top producers don't have more time than you; they just know how to use it better. Insureio uses a systematized, automated sales method that leads to more sales, less paperwork, and happier customers.

Keep track of your leads, events, and tasks. With opportunities uploaded to your dashboard, you can forecast revenue and productivity. For quick analysis, pre-built reports are also accessible. Reduce the amount of time you spend on activities that don't generate money. Case administration, approval automation, and e-Policy distribution are all provided via drop-ticket app fulfillment. Marketing, lead generation, and sales tasks can all be automated. Lead nurture campaigns and status-driven follow-ups can be set up with a single click. Our simple software allows you to get quotes from over 40 major companies for term, permanent, LTC, disability, and life insurance.

Insureio Key Features

  • Prebuilt agency recruitment emails, hierarchy management, and agent brand assignment are just a few of the modular elements for recruitment.
  • Client management features include the ability to handle client papers and case tickets, as well as track tasks, statuses, requirements, estimates, and insurance policy notes.
  • Application completion: Electronic applications with e-signature and e-policy delivery options for over 30 carriers
  • Social media, email, and SMS marketing, as well as website quote-to-lead collection capabilities and customisable websites, are all powerful marketing tools.