What is karmaCRM?

KarmaCRM is a simple CRM solution for sales teams. The CRM rates highly for ease of use, however it`s a little pricey for a small platform with limited features. If you`ve tried (and failed) to get your sales team to use a CRM in the past, Karma may be worth the investment. Simple yet thorough customer profiles keep all your business data aligned in one place. Unlimited deals let you visualize your pipeline for all your products and sales cycles.

Plus, the platform can be completely individualized to each user if you subscribe to the Pro Plan ($US 39/mo.) or higher. Customization and Ease of Use Customization options are not available with the entry level plan. You`ll need to subscribe to a Pro (US $39/mo.) or Premium (US $55/mo.) account. This gives you access to a fully customizable dashboard in which you can create multiple “widgets.” A widget is an embedded UI component that performs a certain function or displays specific information. For example, you could customize a widget to show rotting deals or tasks due this week.

You can create multiple widgets to display whatever subset of data is a priority to you. Few CRMs offer this amount of control over what you see and how you do your job. In addition to being easy to adapt, Karma is easy to use. Users create a personalized dashboard. You won`t require much time training since users essentially create their own software solution. Contact Management Every subscription comes with unlimited contacts (along with unlimited deals and opportunities). This is a rare feature, with most CRM capping contact limits or charging more.

The CRM can enrich your contacts too, pulling information from other apps and the web to create more complete customer profiles. The look of the customer records is akin to an index card or Rolodex, only digital. The bottom half of the record gives access to every detail related to the account: contact history, documents, past purchase, associated tasks, and more. You don`t have to keep track of everything in your head or dig through several sources (spreadsheets, email, etc.) to get the info you need. With the KarmaCRM app, all your client details are with you on the road, too.

Task Management Karma CRM offers task templates for regularly occurring tasks, such as quarterly reports. Or, if you have sequential tasks such as a series of steps you follow when closing a deal, you can create a template for that, too. This saves time vs. continually assigning and following up with tasks. You can create a template for almost any business process, such as product delivery or inventory management. Karma`s template feature can help systemize your back-end processes and your sales tasks. Pipeline Management Karma offers unlimited deals for every plan. If you have a complex sales cycle or manage several brands and products, you can create a pipeline for each one. Users choose from a list view or a visual pipeline view.

You can drag and drop deals from one stage to another. The CRM also records the dates for each deal stage so you can see trends in the sales lifecycle and identify any timing issues. Security CRMs are enticing to hackers given they house all of your essential company data. Karma protects client data through biometric authentication, 24/7 video surveillance, and key card access.