What is Knack?

Knack CRM is a unique and outstanding product that can be used to streamline businesses of every size and stripe. Run a bakery? Knack has an app for that. Need your business to be HIPAA compliant? Knack has an app for that too. You can customize the CRM using hundreds of these apps templates. Knack gives you total control and customizability, all at an affordable price. You also avoid the long wait for coding your own software.

Pricing varies depending on how many apps you need and the number of contacts required. Ease of Use The UI is straightforward and doesn't offer much visual appeal, aside from simplicity. What sets Knack apart is your ability to customize this solution. The software is versatile enough to handle verticals as disparate as healthcare to non-profit organizations. With the ability to add tailor-made apps, your system adapts to your business processes. This increases user adoption rates and reduces time spent on training. The initial setup, however, will take time as you choose from hundreds of possible apps.

For an added fee, you can hire a Knack expert to help plan and develop your Knack CRM system. Workflow Features Knack can set up approvals and create a defined blueprint for all your business processes. Teams and managers can see pending items and actions sets. The system also offers color-coding and icons to signify which tasks are on track and which projects are falling behind. Workflows automatically create scheduled tasks, then issue reminders and notifications. If a follow-up call is next in your sales process, Knack can add that to your calendar, then send an alert beforehand.

Knack APIs let you integrate with virtually any tech tool, ensuring all your business processes have a central hub within the CRM. This also integrates customer data into detailed client records. eCommerce Knack integrates with many payment platforms, allowing you to issue receipts, process donations, and create purchase orders. Payment portal integration also keeps vital customer data synced with the customer profile. You can easily segment customers by purchase history, lifetime value, and more. You can also add workflow rules and automate processes such as payment reminders.