What is Knock?

Knock is the most innovative, trusted, and fun CRM and performance management platform for residential property management companies that use the best automation, integration, and data transparency tools to improve occupancy and renewal rates. In this Knock overview, we should mention that it`s the solution for multifamily owners, property managers, marketers, leasing teams, operational executives, and even IT that helps property teams become 3x more efficient providing them one system-of-record to complete the leasing journey as well as the business levers they need to control leasing results. 

The prime features include pipeline management, virtual tours, self-guided tours, chatbot, marketing automation, segmented marketing campaigns, automatic email replies, ID verification, screening, prospect CRM, renewal CRM, business intelligence, performance reports, and PMS integration. In the Knock overview, we will analyze what benefits multifamily owners, property managers, IT, marketers, leasing and operational teams get by using this platform.

Marketers with marketing automation can qualify inbound leads using email, text messaging, and chatbot automation. With Engagement Scores and lead-to-visit and lead-to-lead conversion reports, you can track how leasing teams interact with leads, while the Ad Spend Report uses advanced DNI and UTM-code tracking technology to provide the most accurate attribution in the industry. Knock ensures that you don't miss quality leads just because the office is closed as they can book tours on their own at any time.

Real estate managers, as well as marketers, the benefits of which we have already discussed in this Knock overview, can use analytics to increase efficiency and set goals correctly. A centralized leasing package allows leasing company teams to cover calls and cross-sell across multiple properties. In addition, you can edit property schedules, tours, and team meetings with the team calendar, manage your teams from a single dashboard with an actionable to-do list and answer any question with relevant data in reports or solve any problem in live support chat.

Leasing and operations teams can automatically set follow-ups and move leads through the leasing journey, analyzes performance, and views the metrics that leadership needs. Other features in our Knock overview that help leasing teams never miss anything and organize their time are real-time notifications and an automated task list.

With Knock, multifamily owners can improve operational efficiency by acquiring and retaining high-value, long-term residents, improving NOI by 200%, and also exploit the most advanced sales and engagement tools while reducing the use of outdated and redundant technology. Residents can receive individual and group SMS or email messages, communicate with neighbors, receive update notifications, and track all communications on the dashboard. Moreover, renters can take advantage of modern apartment tours provided by Knock.

Among other advantages that we should mention in this Knock overview are over 99% product uptime, auto-scaling infrastructure, hot service mesh deployment, AWS Shield Advanced,  encrypted user sessions, Single Sign-On (SSO), Veracode Static Application Security Testing, Rapid7 Dynamic Application Security Testing, and Splunk Security Information & Event Management monitoring. Knock fully complies with TCPA, CAN-SPAM, and CCPA and supports 6 certified integrations.

In conclusion, Knock improves operational efficiency by profitably acquiring and retaining high-value, long-term residents, maximizing your NOI, and making marketing easier and smarter than ever before.

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