What is Lasso CRM?

Lasso is a leading provider of cloud-based CRM software created especially for new home marketing and sales. It helps home builders, real estate developers, and new home agencies radically improve lead management, convert more leads into buyers, and sell their communities faster, easier, and more profitably. The company's software is suitable for thousands of different residential developments, including single-family homes and master-planned complexes, urban high-rise condominiums, global destination resorts, and suburban townhomes. The software is designed for ease of use and rapid deployment to maximize each customer's ROI while reducing their technology and financial risks.

Lasso CRM provides highly reliable marketing and sales automation, as well as a wide range of analytical functions. The key features for proper marketing automation that we should mention in the Lasso CRM overview are a campaign dashboard, email marketing, mailing list management, and product catalog. This cloud-based CRM software also provides different tools for effective sales automation like contact history, contract management, contact scheduler, custom database, lead management, and lead tracking. Analytics and reporting modules include the dashboard, sales forecasting, and sales reports. You can import and export data in a variety of popular formats. Additionally, data fields, forms, and user interface are customizable for advanced functionality. Significant aspects of Lasso's customer service are call center management, customer support tracking, and customer service integration.

The first feature in this Lasso CRM overview is lead management which helps you never lose any lead. You can accept lead registrations from any source (your website, syndication sites, model home visitors), and respond faster with all of the prospect’s contact information at your fingertips. With powerful prospect ranking and segmentation, you can prioritize your team’s time and energy on those prospects most likely to convert and forecast your sales, track changes to determine the best next step, and review missed opportunities. An organized system and automated tasks and activities allow you to focus on what matters – the prospect.  

Another useful feature that we should note in the Lasso CRM overview is email marketing which allows you to create more engaging email marketing campaigns, newsletters, and templates without the need for a separate email marketing service. You can include prospect data (names, contact information, community of interest) directly in your communication to get more feedback and use segmentation, groups, or dynamic "smart lists" to get your message to the right prospects at the right time. Additionally, you can get instant notifications when leads return to your website after your email marketing campaigns, view vital email statistics, and easily share reports with others in CSV or Excel formats or print to PDF. Reporting helps you monitor marketing and sales by filtering reports by source type, activity, seller, rating, and customizing fields so everyone can focus on the data you care about. What's more, you can schedule critical reports to be distributed automatically so you don't have to remember them.

Lastly, in our Lasso CRM overview, we need to mention about pre-built integrations that provide a direct connection with systems such as MarkSystems, AtlasRTX, SAPPHIRE Build, and LotVue. Using the Lasso API or Lasso Pro API, you can connect to a wide variety of Zapier Apps like LiveChat, CallRail, Facebook Lead Ads, Unbounce, and more.