What is LaunchPad CRM?

Launchpad is designed for non-profits and large human service institutions. It has unique tools for industries in economic development, workforce development, human services, and higher education. You can use sector strategies to add functionality for your particular business. Case Management This feature is similar to the client management you’d find in other CRMs. However, it has advanced capabilities to help track variables such as eligibilities management, an essential feature for state and privately funded non-profits. You can also pull all your intake forms into one online form.

Launchpad organizes and simplifies the claims process, to ensure every person gets the benefits they’re entitled to. It also lets you create a database of outside resources, such as government assessments, ITAs, grants, and contracts. Program and Job Management You can upload your database of employers and then Launchpad does the rest. It can automatically match clients to jobs, including variables such as proximity and qualifications. It also ensures all the relevant paperwork is in one tidy, online case file. Self-Service Portals As a non-profit, you’re already in the business of helping others help themselves.

The Launchpad CRM brings this to many of your everyday functions. For example, employers can view job matches, applications, and hires themselves, through branded client portals. Launchpad creates the digital infrastructure--all you have to do is add your name. Collaboration Tools You can streamline communication and partnerships with fellow non-profits and government assistance agencies. You can grant access to records and allow other providers to access to case management. All your collaboration and communication between clients and agencies is recorded in a digital record.

You can view by provider, client, or case file. Grant and Contract Management Launchpad puts all your documents in one, easy to find online record. You’ll never need to search for documentation again when applying for a grant. It can also create workflows for your grant application process. If you offer grants, Launchpads offers tools for tracking the success of each project and community impact.