What is LeadSquared?

LeadSquared is a sales execution platform that can streamline all your complex processes into one user-friendly platform. Ease of Use LeadSquared has many advanced features for sales. Training is advised so you can make the most out of this sophisticated sales tool.

Contact Management LeadSquared drives all your communication channels into one. The system allows you to respond to SMS, emails, and socials without switching between tools. LeadSquared also syncs all the client data you collect back to the client record. You get real-time updates to your customer profiles, such as call time details, connected calls, unanswered calls, notes, text conversations, emails, and more. This creates a deep knowledge of every customer and prospect, allowing you to deliver a relevant sales pitch or a targeted marketing campaign.

LeadSquared even records telephone calls. Lead Management Lead management is the CRM's strong suit. The platform can automatically sort and prioritize leads, create a contact record, the route leads to team members, and assign follow-up tasks. Lead-squared improves your speed to lead time, increasing your chance of a conversion. The automated lead and task assignment also ensure no sales opportunities slip through the cracks. Other Sales Tools LeadSquared is chock-full of functionality for your sales team. Two of the most helpful features are customized workflows and dashboards. You can build repeatable, custom sales processes for your team--no code required. No matter how many teams or products or sales cycles you manage, you can use LeadSquared to create a dynamic and flexible blueprint for your sales teams. Automate the tedious aspects of the sale, and set up automated reminders for your reps.