What is LionDesk?

LionDesk is a comprehensive CRM for sales and business professionals. The platform is specifically designed for the real estate industry, offering many specialized features for agents and brokers. LionDesk will help you connect with more leads, match buyers with properties, and automate administrative tasks. The platform also integrates with hundreds of apps, including popular real estate tools like Trulia and Zillow. Easy to use and affordable, LionDesk is an industry favorite. Customization and Ease of Use

Liondesk makes onboarding simple. Once you subscribe, APIs sync your existing data from email, contacts, calendar, and other apps to the CRM. Users get an intuitive and contextual record-keeping system that is auto-filled with business data. In the left sidebar, you`ll see a straightforward menu of the main functions of LionDesk: contacts, properties, tasks, deals, calendar, and more. The home page displays your vital signs, giving you a quick view of client outreach. There, you`ll see a tally of incoming and outgoing emails, calls, and SMS.

This creates an easy and convenient platform, although some users complain it`s time for a facelift. The UI is clunky compared to CRMs that make continuous improvements to their software. A long-awaited update to the UI left many LionDesk users underwhelmed. However, the platform frequently adds new and innovative features, such as video emails and AI lead follow-up. It`s worth trying the 30-day free trial to see how LionDesk works for you. As far as customization, you can add custom fields to your contacts and organize them your way, such as by date of last contact or account value. You can also customize the view on your Vitals page and build custom reports and pipelines. If you`re a real estate agent, LionDesk is flexible enough to suit your selling process.

Contact Management The contact profiles house all your client interactions, related documents, contact information, deal stage, and more. When you reach out to clients, critical business information is at your fingertips. Without leaving the CRM, you can make calls, email, and SMS. LionDesk also comes with a native Power Dialer which can burn through call lists four times faster vs. manual entry. Marketing Tools There`s no shortage of ways to market real estate. But getting in front of the right customers and navigating online marketing can be a full-time job in itself.

LionDesk comes with marketing tools especially suited to the real estate sector, such as: Email drip campaigns: LionDesk CRM comes with many automatic drip campaigns. Users share their templates, and you can pick your favorites or create your own. You can then segment your contacts to ensure your campaigns target every stage of the buyer`s journey.

LionDesk already segments contacts by lead source, level of commitment, and job role, but you can create custom filters. Bulk SMS campaigns: You can launch SMS campaigns just as easily as email campaigns. You can segment audiences, such as sending a listing only to your hottest leads. Video texts are also available. Shortcodes: These codes are shorter than a regular phone number and easy to remember. Add them to billboards, brochures, drip campaigns, and more. Anyone that texts the shortcode gets a pre-programmed greeting, giving you better speed to lead.

When someone uses a short code, their information is automatically synced to the CRM record. You can add a different code to billboards, pamphlets, and online campaigns to track which lead source works best. FaceBook Ad portal: Have you ever felt that FaceBook ads were needlessly complicated? Instead of spending an hour or more in FaceBook, LionDesk can set you up with new FB ads in mere minutes. You can create and publish FaceBook ads without even leaving the CRM. Choose from dozens of ad templates, select an audience list, and set your budget--all within the portal. You can also receive alerts when someone interacts with your brand on social media and nurture leads from LionDesk.

Sales Tools The advent of online real estate channels has been a boon to agents. However, you may have hundreds of prospects visit your listings each day. LionDesk offers sales teams several tools to handle all your incoming leads: AI lead follow-up: Instead of personally following up every lead, LionDesk provides you with an AI assistant named Gabby. Gabby can manage customer inquiries with a human touch.

The AI is responsive to emotion and knows how to strike the right tone with customers. She is also clever enough to recognize key phrases such as relocating and first home buyer and can follow up with more questions to glean the info you need to qualify the lead. Once a prospect achieves a certain lead score, Gabby can automatically route the customer to the right agent (or back to marketing for more nurturing).

Multiple pipelines: The Transaction Management feature lets you keep track of numerous deals. At a glance, you can see every deal and every client`s standing within the sales funnel. This allows you to react quickly to clients` needs throughout the home buying process. Or you can view other agents` progress and offer help as needed. The preset pipeline has stages for different types of real estate transactions, or you can create them from scratch. Reporting: LionDesk gives you a bird`s eye view of your business using premade reports and charts. You can view information such as activity logs, lead sources, expected revenue by month, and more.

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