What is Little Green Light?

Little Green Light's all-in-one donor management system is developed to make it simple for you to improve your job. You can consolidate your spreadsheets with an all-in-one fundraising platform, allowing you to see and monitor your data more easily than ever before. Little Green Light provides online CRM software for contributors, prospects, volunteers, event attendees, and members of the board.

LGL is designed to help people fundraise. You can keep track of contributions, grants, requests, pledges, and responsibilities, organize events and send appeals, and construct mail merges—everything you need to maximize your fundraising efforts.

It's simple to see who's in your database using Little Green Light. You may add as many attribute categories as you like, and you can query the whole history of each member, from event attendance to volunteer activities and contribution patterns. Make use of this data to stay on top of your most essential prospects and contributors, as well as to send targeted appeals to everyone in your database.

The key benefits of using Little Green Light:

  • Constituent Profiles. One-page profiles including contact information, history of donating, relationships, and more…
  • Membership Management. Manage active and expired customers, as well as their categories and renewal dates, with ease.
  • Organize & Collaborate. Set up tasks, get reminders, manage your calendar.
  • Management of Alumni. Students and parents may be managed by class year, and phonathon call sheets can be generated. Join records together.
  • Management of Contacts. Conversations, conferences, texts, and mailings may all be annotated.
  • Management of Volunteers. Volunteer interests, hours committed and worked, and volunteer remarks are all recorded.

People, data, and simplicity are the three main pillars of Little Green Light. Create webforms quickly and easily to collect data and donations from your website. LGL Forms is included with every LGL account and allows you to create web forms that you can embed on your website.Form data may be simply linked to transmit data into your LGL account. You may also collect contributions and other transactions using your LGL Forms if you have a payment processor account (Stripe or ProPay).

So, owing to a wide range of software that can be linked with the platform, Little Green Light is a versatile donor management and fundraising platform that can be modified to match the demands of your organization. Years of nonprofit fundraising skills went into developing software that is easy to use and expands as the team grows, allowing fundraisers and staff to work smarter, not harder, to link supporters to their goal.

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