What is Market Leader?

Market Leader is a customer relationship management tool that runs in the cloud. The solution is designed exclusively for the real estate business. A dashboard, multi-channel campaigns, content library, SMS alerts, and email notifications are all important elements.

Since 1999, Market Leader has been supporting real estate professionals in managing and growing their companies as a pioneer in lead generating and contact management solutions. The goal is to create long-term consumers by providing exceptional goods, leads, education, and customer service. Market Leader's leads products provide more than just an impression; they also provide a guaranteed quantity of exclusive monthly leads that aren't shared with other agencies.

Market Leader allows users to keep track of how many people visit their website. Users may keep track of which properties are being stored or seen by visitors to the website. Managers can use website analytics to analyze lead sources, website traffic, and conversions. Leads are automatically provided to this platform from sites like Zillow, Trulia, and Realtor.com. Users may also alter information and layouts to meet their brand's needs.

Market Leader also provides listed marketing automation technologies. A monthly email, multi-channel campaigns, and campaign linking are all available. The solution also schedules birthdays and anniversaries and auto-inserts contacts from other lead sources. Postcards, flyers, cards, instructions, and video-enabled emails are all available in the content repository. Print and direct mail marketing are also available through the solution.

Market Leader is offered as a stand - alone product or as part of a suite that includes additional tools and capabilities for brokers working for larger firms. Phone, email, product training, webinars, and an online help desk are all available for assistance. 

If you want a low-cost CRM-website combo that can handle the essentials, or if you value simplicity and are put off by the clutter of more feature-rich and expensive solutions, Market Leader is the way you to go. While it’s probable that your business will outgrow Market Leader’s features, it is a very affordable starting place that allows you to break away from your broker’s site and have your own online real estate for customers.