What is Maximizer CRM?

Maximizer`s Business Plus Plan is one of the most affordable on the market at just US$ 49/month for unlimited seats. It offers a comprehensive suite of sales, marketing, and customer service tools. While Maximizer CRM is not unique in its offerings, it does offer great value for money. If you need a solid CRM for your entire organization, it`s hard to beat Maximizer on price. Ease of Use Maximizer CRM has been around for three decades and it shows. Many users describe the interface as dated, and it lacks some of the drag-and-drop functionality we`ve come to associate with cloud-based software.

The home screen is busy and customizing Maximizer is more difficult than it needs to be. As far as CRMs go, Maximizer CRM is in the middle of the pack for ease of use. Sales Features Maximizer integrates with Excel to produce standardized quote templates. The CRM then syncs your sales quotes with the forecast feature, delivering decisive predictions for your business revenue. You can also build unlimited customized sales pipelines. Many CRMs charge more for this feature, but it`s free to create an additional pipeline for each product, customer, season, and more once you subscribe to their Business Plus Plan. You can use the pipelines to standardize your sales process, assigning prescribed tasks to every stage of the deal.

You can also automate emails to ensure follow-up throughout the sales cycle. Territory management is another advantage. Maximizer can automatically route leads based on the location of the user/sales representative. Marketing Features You can create branded campaign templates for every stage of the customer journey and automate drip campaigns. Maximiser also offers web-to-lead forms, automated alerts, and MailChimp integration. There is also a bulk email option, however, you are limited to 100/month even at the highest subscription tier.

If your business relies heavily on mass email campaigns, Maximizer may not be your best option. Marketing statistics are available for the Business Plus Plan and up. You get a granular view of email opens, bounces, and click-throughs. This data can be used to segment contacts and create more targeted campaigns. Customer Service Tools Maximizer offers a ticketing system that allows you to automate ticket priority and assignment. You can program in your preferred parameters, making Maximizer a great choice for fulfilling SLAs`.

The Knowledge Base system lets agents solve problems faster with immediate access to similar case resolution info. Your staff can minimize troubleshooting and zero in on the solutions that work best. The contact management system also let`s you instantly see a customer`s full history, such as notes, previous service issues, interactions, purchases, SLAs, and more.

This information is at the fingertips of every department, ensuring a personalized interaction for both sales and service reps. Business Intelligence Maximizer offers dynamic dashboards. You can add an unlimited number of widgets to your dash, ensuring the info you need is at your fingertips. Sales metrics, team performance, and individual performance are but a few of the widgets on offer.

Managers can easily monitor staff on virtually any metric--from tickets closed, to sales calls made, to revenue generation. The business intelligence feature gives managers both a bird` eye and a granular view of the business.