What is Membrain?

Membrain is a tool that facilitates the execution of your company`s sales strategy and assists sales teams in defining and implementing plans in order to consistently meet targets. Membrain enhances individual sales performance by providing unfailing guidance throughout every sales lead and opportunity. Membrain offers a set of features and solutions to reduce the hidden cost of sales like lack of best practices, undisciplined discounts and low win-rates.

The solution covers pipeline management, prospecting, lead scoring and sales analysis. Users with the drag and drop functionality can design buyer-aligned sales processes and enable situational playbooks. This visual pipeline allows the sales teams to visualize sales progress, check the hygiene of the pipeline and track transaction status in real time. Users can pre-define scoring criteria, define unique campaign qualifications, assign qualified prospects to salespeople and self-populate outlook from other marketing automation platforms with Membrain`s lead scoring feature.

Sales analytics includes sales performance measurement tools, strengths and improvements areas, objective and business achievements, pipeline activities as well as KPIs. Users may also share education resources and sell assurances and check if their content is used by the consumer. Users can store contacts, documenta, activities, search accounts and add custom fields using the CRM functionality.