What is Method CRM?

Method is the highest-rated Quickbooks CRM. The platform allows you to tie financial data to all your business processes. You get a 360-degree view of quotes, balances, payments, refunds, receipts, and other relevant customer information. Sales and finance departments can work hand-in-hand to improve client communication and speed up the sales cycle. The system is also fully customizable, and you can create a tailor-made subscription. With Method:CRM, you pay for what you need versus a one-size-fits-all plan.

Customization Method: CRM is a fully customizable platform. You can go it alone or hire a customization expert to build a precise CRM solution for your business. During your free trial, you get one hour of free expert customization consulting. After that, you can choose a pay-as-you-go subscription for expert customization, which costs US$ 145/hour for up to 9 hours.

For projects that take 10+ hours, rates are reduced to US$ 120-140/hour. The customization services include: Free service: Receive assistance customizing fields, tables, web forms, templates, migration projects, and basic customization training. Paid customization expertise: This includes all of the above plus reports, automated workflows, customer portals, app creation, and advanced customization training. Lead Management Many businesses begin by managing both their customer and financial data out of QuickBooks. But as you scale, this arrangement often becomes unmanageable.