What is Missive?

Missive is an app that brings team inboxes and chat under a single roof. It is a web-based CRM. It was built with collaboration in mind to centralize your team's communication. Missive is used by about 1,800 modern organizations. With this CRM you will find everything you need in one system: leads and customers, tasks, deals, finances, documents, integration and much more.

Among its many features, Missive offers four key ones:

  • Team Inboxes. With this tool you will increase the efficiency of employees and increase sales, spending half the time. Store documents in a single system, edit them in shared mode, set multi-level access rights for employees. All emails end up in a shared inbox. In essence, you get a chronological queue of all conversations, regardless of the channel through which you were approached. Support agents have everything you need to effectively manage customer inquiries - private notes, quick responses, automatic determination of the status of the appeal, etc. As a full-fledged platform for building customer relationships, Missive offers not only a shared inbox for all chats and emails, but also a knowledge base, tools for email marketing and customer engagement. The inbox provides a business-first collaborative experience.
  • Internal Team Chat. Every company sooner or later faces the search for an online service that would unite the team. For this purpose, Missive has a team chat - messenger, where you can keep all the correspondence. Corporate chat helps to communicate with employees within the company, as well as keeps in touch with customers, contractors and partners. Here you can talk to colleagues, make appointments, discuss progress and share files without using third-party messengers or e-mail. The peculiarity of corporate chat is that correspondence in ordinary messengers or mail can be dangerous - the phone or laptop will be stolen or one of the former employees will decide to merge important information. Here the administrator configures access for each team member and can disable them on request, and all correspondence is stored on secure servers. Team chat helps to maintain a comfortable emotional background in the team and achieve great results.
  • Rules to automate workflows. Business process automation is an extremely important task for any development-oriented company. Criteria that determine the need for its implementation can be varied and depend on the scale of the organization and the stage of its development. Set up automatic actions with Missive, this will reduce errors and optimize the work of employees, freeing up their time for more valuable work, improve productivity and team sales.
  • Integrations. Integrate important services for your company in Missive and work with them in one system, without constantly switching between tabs. Work efficiently!Missive integrates with Aircall, Asana, Quickly, ClickUp, Dropbox, FullContact, Drive, HubSpot, Make, Pipedrive, Shopify, Todoist, Trello, Video Chat, Zapier, BuildYourOwn.

If you want to completely change your approach to customer service and make it more modern and affordable, then you should look at Missive. This way, you can provide real-time assistance and manage all your tools in one tab.