What is Mogo CRM?

MOGO CRM is the first mobile CRM platform that stores full functionality on a mobile device. MOGO CRM is designed for businesses of various sizes and industries. 

Features of Mogo CRM are as follows: CRM & Sales Dashboards, Customer Support, Email Marketing / SMS Marketing, Marketing Automation, Sales Tracking, Sales Force Automation, Dashboard, Campaign Management, Proposal Management, Access Monitoring.

The key of them are: 

  • Connect Seamlessly: the user is freed from any technical difficulties and simply uses CRM for tasks. The CRM provider takes care of maintenance, upgrades and uninterrupted operation. Seamlessly connect with Google Apps, Microsoft Exchange, Outlook or any other third party provider.
  • One Click Conference: in MOGO CRM you can create quick chats to discuss deals, leads, companies, contacts. MOGO CRM allows users to send emails, text messages, initiate calls, view recent conversations, create/view appointments, and review recent call history with reference to a contact.
  • Call Tracking: this is a convenient way to track call sources and draw conclusions about the effectiveness of advertising. Dynamic alternate numbers are selected for each customer source.  At the time of receiving the call, the system captures the source and saves the statistics. With automated reports, you can track the cost of a call or the final price of each customer. This will help eliminate inefficient marketing costs.
  • Outbound or Inbound Call: Based on company-customer interactions, inbound and outbound call centers employ fundamentally different purposes, training techniques, and technologies. Customer service representatives generally monitor inbound service channels like live chat and social media for customer troubles or questions. An outbound call center, on the other hand, makes outgoing calls to consumers. 
  • Sales Tips: MOGO CRM alerts the user by providing the stage, weighted potential of a deal to accelerate the deal closure. Commission potential motivates the sales executive. Sales executives always have product info such as overview, specs, features, competitors, price, discount etc. on their fingertips with MogoCRM-Products.
  • Social Tips: MOGO CRM promotes personalized selling by automatically displaying on your social media.

 Support options are Knowledge Base, Email and Help Desk, Chat, FAQs and Forum, Phone Support. MOGO CRM helps to close deals faster with Sales App. Vacation, sick leave, business trip - in all these situations, the mobile version of the CRM-system will help not to fall out of the work process when the computer is not at hand.

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