What is Monkey CRM?

It is a special technology for managing all business relationships with existing and potential customers within your company. No matter what stage of growth your business is in, one day you will most likely decide to connect reliable CRM to work. Monkey CRM allows you to stay in touch with your leads, speed up business tasks and increase profits.

HTS holds a place in the market to provide custom-made software that helps to keep connection between employees, partners, and patrons. Expert teams look after every big or small requirement of its clients, so they don’t have to face any challenges.

Monkey CRM revolves around delivering better customer relationships to small, medium, and large-sized businesses.

HTS Monkey CRM Features:

  • Internal Chat Integration: Monkey CRM natively integrates with your internal chat tools (e.g. Slack) so that you can gain time in collecting data and pushing updates to your business stakeholders.
  • Lead Generation: CRM collects data from your leads on the Internet to help you find high-quality, solvent leads.With this system you can get contacts of future customers, their location, jobs, positions and a lot of useful information. That is, the generation of leads in Monkey CRM will help you not only find their contact information, but also personalize further communication with them.
  • Lead Qualification: CRM helps you analyze and track any information about leads, qualify and enrich them through several channels, pushing for conversion. 
  • Task Management: marketing and sales automation tools built into CRM will save you and your team from the many routine tasks of finding leads, appointing transaction managers, communicating with potential buyers, and more. 

This is a convenient solution for managing your customer base:

  • High level of work organization
  • Service optimization
  • Personalized communication
  • Reduce customer outflow
  • Task automation
  • Increase conversions
  • Increasing the transparency of transactions
  • Team tracking

Your customer base will always be clean and efficiently organized, because you no longer need to add new contacts manually, search for duplicate contacts, worry about data leakage, and remind the team to fill in the data in the tables. Free your employees from routine tasks and allow them to focus on profitable activities. You may not worry about the security of the information you store on this system.

So Monkey CRM is a platform that helps businesses of all sizes with automated invoice processing, sales administration, reporting, project monitoring, employee management, tickets generation, and more. It will become an integral part of your B2B environment.

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