What is Neon CRM?

Neon One is one of the biggest names in non-profit software. They handle 35,000 charities and nonprofits. Every aspect of giving, outreach, and grant management is covered with their comprehensive platform. You can even build customized databases around donors, volunteers, partners, and government institutions. Comprehensive Tools for Nonprofits You can automate your volunteer sign–up sheets, mass email fundraiser appeals, and great an online gift-shop, all from a single platform.

Every aspect of running a non-profit has been considered and streamlined on Neon One. You won’t need expensive integrations with other tools. Reporting and Analytics Neon One comes with dozens of one-click reports. You can check the status of your fundraising efforts, or see how volunteer outreach is coming along, all at a glance. Organized, Cloud-Based Data So many non-profits still rely on paper-based processes, from signup sheets to paper pledges. Neon One can get every aspect of your non-profit online, organized, and “talking” to each other. You can easily gather all the documentation for your next grant application in a few clicks. Or manage donor outreach through 360-degree profiles. Even volunteer scheduling can be electronic and automated.

Fundraising Features Fundraising is its own skillset. You’re not seeling–you’re getting people to invest in your mission. Neon One comes with the functionality for this unique work process. Engaging and recognizing donors is a cinch, as is tracking every gift, contact, and conversation. Imagine knowing every valuable detail before your next donor outreach–for example, exactly what they donated or the names of their children. You don’t have to remember every moving piece; Neon One can do it for you. You can personalize every chat and make your donors feel seen and appreciated.

It also comes equipped with tools for virtual fundraising. Relationship Building The customizable dashboard comes with retention widgets, note tracking, donation tracking, and every possible detail you need to know about your givers and volunteers. Instead of being siloed on spreadsheets, this data can be used strategically. For example, creating lists of people who volunteer around the holidays vs. summers. You could even separate prospects into groups based on their personal reason for investing in the charity.