What is NetHunt CRM?

NetHunt is a CRM software solution designed to integrate seamlessly with your Gmail account and Google services. It enables you to transform your G Suite into a single CRM center, allowing you and your team to manage sales and marketing initiatives, as well as customer care operations, without relying on a separate business system. Aside from combining your CRM efforts, NetHunt CRM saves you time and money on training because you`ll still be working with the same familiar G Suite interface–the only difference is that it now includes strong CRM functions.

Furthermore, the platform includes API capabilities, allowing you to extend the functionality even further. With NetHunt CRM, you can effortlessly convert email inquiries into business prospects without leaving your inbox. It even documents and preserves all of your critical communication and transaction histories in a consolidated database, allowing you to personalize all of your client interactions.

This is very useful for developing targeted marketing efforts and providing tailored customer service. NetHunt CRM is an excellent platform for small startups and fast-growing companies. They provide flexible and cheap price plans, so you don`t have to worry about not having enough money to improve your CRM. In fact, they have a basic plan that is free to use.