What is NetSuite CRM?

It is a comprehensive and scalable cloud-based ERP solution for medium and fast growing businesses. It automates various processes including financial management, capital assets, revenue management, order management, invoicing, and inventory management. NetSuite provides ERP management capabilities to meet the needs of finance, human resources, sales, operations, and service departments.

The system is built on a modular principle - you can use a full set of business software or start with NetSuite Financials, NetSuite CRM modules, adding the missing functions.

NetSuite consists of seven interconnected modules, each of which extracts data from a common database:

  • Financial management.
This module provides users with real-time access to up-to-date financial data and a direct link between accounting and compliance management. Users can expect faster shutdowns, accurate reporting and real-time data.
  • Order management.
Order management solutions improve cash flow, delivery times, reduce shipping costs and integrate with CRM. The user can access a panel that displays the process of creating, approving, scheduling, tracking, maintaining, collecting and processing order information.
  • Production control module.
With the production management module, users can manage global manufacturing operations, make the production site out of date, increase delivery times and reduce quality costs.
  • Supply chain management.

This provides real-time visibility, improves service levels and reduces costs. A communication platform between distributors, partners, suppliers and contract manufacturers facilitates supply chain management.

  • Processing and storage of orders.
This module provides built-in and integrated solution options, real-time updates, and support for global enterprises. Managed panels manage automated I/O processes, including job escalation, container management, scheduling specific shift dates and monitoring material flow, performing quality checks, and more.
  • Purchase module.
With the functions of the purchase module, users can simplify the payment process, improve spending security and improve quality. This graphical workflow tool can be configured to automate the receipt of ordered goods, the processing of vendor invoices, and payment planning.
  • Human capital management.
This module is integrated into NetSuite ERP. This allows HR managers to streamline employee information, hiring, payroll, and more.

NetSuite allows a company to track its business activities and allows every department in the organization to enter or display important lead data: marketing, sales, compliance, accounting, and more.

In summary, NetSuite is a smart combination of financial management and integrated business intelligence that companies can use to make informed decisions based on data.

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