What is Nextiva?

You can make unlimited calls to any phone in the United States or Canada if you use Nextiva. Its real-time presence function lets you identify which of your contacts is currently available, and the call queue lets you handle calls during peak hours. Nextiva says that its calls are HD quality in order to remove static. This feature may or may not be available depending on the package you choose. If you choose the Professional plan, your meeting duration will be unlimited, but the number of participants may be limited to 250.

During your meetings, Nextiva, like most video conferencing platforms, allows you to share displays and files. Nextiva's video feature can also be used to live broadcast virtual events and seminars. If you receive a voicemail, the message will be transmitted immediately to your email inbox, and you may also record your outgoing voicemail message using the app. If you go with Nextiva, you'll be able to send and receive an unlimited number of text messages from your consumers, allowing you to do things like convey updates and schedule appointments. If you're chairing a meeting, you can use this function to create a special line for it. You can not only schedule these meetings, but you can also moderate them and record them in high definition. As with email, the software allows you to send and receive an unlimited number of faxes. When a new fax comes, you'll get an SMS notification.

Voice analytics and voicemail transcription services are available with the more expensive Enterprise or Ultimate packages, allowing you to preserve extensive written logs of your calls. Highly Reliable Service Nextiva claims a 99.999 % uptime rate and claims that no outages were observed in 2019 or 2020. This uptime percentage is outstanding, and the fact that there are no outages suggests that Nextiva provides the performance and reliability that businesses require. For organizations, VoIP service disruptions mean missed income and leads, thus Nextiva's dependability is a welcome feature.

Excellent Customer Support Nextiva provides customer support 24 hours a day, seven days a week, guaranteeing that a company is never without help and that problems are quickly resolved. Even the most basic Essential package includes this level of customer service. Quality Training Nextiva not only provides training to help employees master the technology, but it also provides that training in a variety of formats. For a more in-depth experience, a company might opt for on-premises, one-on-one training.

Alternatively, a corporation can participate in training webinars and receive the same extensive instruction through the internet. Cospace Instead than relying on systems like Slack, Nextiva users can take advantage of Cospace. This workplace management solution, designed for remote teams, keeps team members connected with features like screen sharing, chat, file uploads, and more.

For greater efficiency, team members can stay connected and engaged with Cospace throughout the day. Service and Sales Tools Beyond basic VoIP service, Nextiva provides useful service and sales tools to assist organizations to streamline and improve the efficiency and quality of their operations. As a call comes in, service technologies like Call Pop display critical caller information on the computer screen, allowing the service agent to prepare for a quality, efficient interaction. Sales systems like the Sales Pipeline CRM store essential facts in one place, allowing teams to collaborate to ensure leads receive sufficient follow-up and conversion opportunities.