What is Nimble CRM?

Nimble CRM puts social media at the heart of customer relationships and sales strategies. If social selling is a big piece of your business, Nimble was designed for you. With a straightforward layout that mimics a social media page, it is also intuitive to use and visually appealing. With the help of AI, it also offers sales intelligence, prospecting features, and strong lead enrichment. Automation features are lacking, although Nimble does integrate with 140+ apps which can fill in any gaps in functionality.

With subscriptions beginning at US$19/month, it`s an affordable option for small businesses looking to build a solid social network. Ease of Use & Customization Nimble CRM has a straightforward, visually pleasing layout that`s reminiscent of a social media account. On the “Today” page (your homepage), you can customize the cover photo. All of your widgets for sales, marketing, contacts, and more appear on moveable tiles that you drag and drop into place. You can also remove any widgets you don`t want to keep the interface clean. There`s no unnecessary feature overhead like you`d find in complex platforms such as Salesforce or Microsoft Dynamics. You get just the right feature mix for a small to midsized business.

Along with the layout, you can customize your views, pipelines, and records. Overall, the UI is highly configurable and instinctive. Users report that their pipelines and contacts records are a lot more accurate after signing up with Nimble--in large part because it is a pleasure to use. Contact Management Nimble integrates with virtually every channel you use to connect with customers. Most people begin by linking their email.

From there, Nutshell CRM builds a database of customers--no manual entry required. It will also sync your calendars and automatically set up reminders. Contact records look like social media profiles and contain tabs for interactions, company info, social media, documents, and more. It has a clean, modern look, and you can reach out to the client directly from the record in just a click. Another unique aspect of Nimble CRM is the “Stay In Touch” feature. This widget features prominently on your home page. You can program it with your VIPs and a contact schedule to ensure you never forget an important follow-up.

Social Media One of the best ways to stay connected and relevant to your customers is through social media. The Nimble prospecting feature can listen in on social media, so you have access to what your clients post, like, and comment on. It`s an easy way to narrow down the topics that interest your audience and find the appropriate tone of voice. The prospecting tool can also enrich customer records by pulling info from social media, such as contact details, biography, social handle, email address, geolocation, company, and work information. The client data you need lives under one roof instead of scattered across many platforms and logins. You can also integrate all of your social media channels with Nimble CRM. Instead of checking multiple feeds, everything flows into your CRM.

You can check messages, respond to comments, like posts, and more from a single program. Marketing Nimble`s Smart Segmentation is similar to contact tags, but provides a more automated and intelligent system. Most CRM tagging systems require you to apply a tag manually to every contact and prospect. Nimble CRM can do this automatically. It comes with eight quick segmentation filters, such as company, education, description, influence groups, and more. Naturally, you can create your own segments. For example, you could create a segment for “Facebook friends in Boston.” Any incoming leads meeting the criteria are automatically added to the list. Segmentation sets you up for Nimble`s group messaging feature.

It`s like a mass email blast--but better because your audience is segmented along your priorities. You can also personalize the email using merge tags for name, company, and title. Attractive email templates are included. The only downside here is the email caps. The maximum number of group messages you can send in a day is 300, limiting your ability to scale your marketing.

Nimble is all about smart marketing; as such, they also have intelligent email analysis. It goes further than the average CRM tracking reports by monitoring how many times the same user opened an email and when they opened it. This information is critical when timing your next email campaign. Conveniently, you can view these stats from your email inbox; no need to navigate to a separate page. rtunately, the CRM does integrate with 140 apps, including marketing favorites like EventBrite and ConstantContact. Finally, a significant shortcoming of Nimble`s marketing suite is the lack of automation features.

Aside from auto-populating your records ad contact lists, there`s not a lot of automated functionality. Sales Nimble offers multiple pipelines, which are fully customizable and appear in a simple, white Kanban board. You can see the sales representative, tasks, events, value, and documents tied to each deal. Sales reports are basic but sufficient for a small sales team, with pipeline analytics, historical and projected revenue. Multichannel integration lets your sales staff manage clients through social media, email, telephony, and SMS. And sales intelligence can predict the best channel and the best time to reach out, increasing your likelihood of closing the deal.

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