What is Nutshell?

Nutshell is an all-in-one robust software platform that enables sales and marketing teams to collaborate to win more deals.Nutshell provides easy to use CRM, sales automation, and email marketing tools, unlimited data and contact storage, and live customer support that is simple enough for any team. Nutshell interfaces with existing tools for small businesses, such as Google G Suite/Gmail, Microsoft Office/Outlook, Constant Contact, QuickBooks Online, Mailchimp, Intercom, and Slack.

Every Nutshell subscription comes with contact storage and unlimited data, helpful customer support, and completely customizable reporting tools. Nutshell CRM includes all of the features and capabilities you`ll need to turn leads into customers. It enables you to handle sales automation, contact and pipeline management, performance tracking and reporting, and team collaboration.

The CRM solution is designed to simplify workflows, automate procedures, make task completion easier, and track each stage of your lead`s journey until conversion. Your sales team may use its powerful features to track deals, identify gaps in the pipeline, assess sales performance, and analyze analytics to drive sales. It is adaptable to any business sales model, such as inbound, account, outbound, or relationship-based selling.

This enables your sales staff to close deals more quickly and efficiently, in accordance with the company`s strategic goals. Your sales staff will be supported in executing daily activities, developing workflows, and going through sales processes such as qualifying prospects, defining actions, doing follow-ups, tracking hot leads, and closing the deal. Any task is clearly defined at each stage of the sales funnel so that each team member knows what to do and can respond to any changing situation and seize every sales opportunity.

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