What is OneHash?

OneHash is a modern and flexible CRM solution designed to help businesses in different niches amplify their success through rich insights, automated workflows, easy accessibility, and omnichannel support. OneHash is a SaaS-based and fully-featured platform with CRM, ERP, HCM, Project Management, and Helpdesk solution. The software is popular and useful for niches like manufacturing,  hospitality, education, healthcare, finance, and more. In this OneHash overview, we`ll consider the platform`s key features including sales monitoring and forecasting, rich data insights, better campaign analysis and management, effective data management, automated operations, omnichannel integration, and easy configuration and control.

OneHash CRM combines the latest technology with a modern and user-friendly UI, allowing you to capture and track leads, improve interaction and manage multiple campaigns at the same time. Moreover, it integrates with several major applications and tools such as Google, AWS, Slack, WooCommerce, Shopify, PayPal, and more via Rest API to provide you and your staff with a really perfect experience. OneHash also helps you store, operate and use customer data to improve customer experience, and it can be directly integrated with campaigns to capture leads automatically.

So, the first feature in our OneHash overview is sales monitoring which allows you to monitor the performance of sales via efficiency indicators, and analyze sales targets based on product, territory, partners, salesperson, and so on. It also keeps track of all calls, messages, or emails, helping you understand the mindset of your customers. In addition, OneHash offers data-driven sales forecasts that enable you to adjust your branding strategy and reap higher profits. Because of supporting all major global currencies and languages, you can expand your business easily.

Using OneHash CRM’s interactive dashboards and reports help you analyze what components in your product or service are liked and disliked by your customers, and what features clients would like to see in the product in the future. Moreover, it helps you assess the performance of your staff and identify your top performers.

Another feature in this OneHash overview is campaign management, which helps you track the performance of every campaign with a rich set of analytical tools. Additionally, OneHash helps you avoid and learn from your mistakes because it carefully analyses how, why, and where you lost a deal. With effective data management, you can segment customers based on their age, purchasing behavior, gender, and geography, which helps understand what works best for a certain group.

The software helps you automate transactions and processes both internally and externally, put your email marketing on autopilot, and allow you to generate more leads automatically. All tasks like scheduling calls, assigning tasks, sending invites, managing and reconciling invoices, processing reimbursement requests, or notifying customers can also be done automatically.

In our OneHash overview, we also have to mention that this system is easy to manage different user roles and permissions, assigned roles, and choose who can view/edit what information. Data related to OneHash CRM also allows you to filter reports and quickly search for deals and leads. You can also configure workflows for particular product lines, locations, partners, etc., and choose their layout. Moreover, OneHash CRM is also set to launch a mobile app to streamline lead management and conversion further, improving the accessibility and flexibility of your business.

To sum up our OneHash overview, we can conclude that this software streamlines your branding efforts and reduces your workload while offering several features that ensure business success.

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