What is Onpipeline?

Onpipeline is a sales CRM for small and medium-sized businesses that is hosted in the cloud. All of the features your sales team requires to improve results. It has unlimited storage and usage, and it is extremely simple to use. There is no contract required for the first month.

It is a sales CRM that allows you to visually manage your sales pipeline, collect and organize leads from third parties via web forms and API, and much more. Dedicated to assisting you in tracking Deals without spending hours filling out forms. You can take control of your sales process by creating events that sync with your Gmail or Outlook calendar, for example. Other CRM systems require training sessions, which Onpipeline does not.

Using interactive boards, sales teams can track deals and manage their sales pipeline with Onpipeline. Users have complete visibility into every stage of the sales pipeline and can manage and prioritize deals by sorting, filtering, and moving them. Onpipeline's calendar tool allows users to schedule tasks, events, phone calls, follow-ups, and other meetings, and events can be linked to contacts in the database. Custom web forms can be created, and any leads generated by the forms are saved in the system. Lead management features offered by Onpipeline include lead source tracking, lead validation, duplicate detection, and contact creation from leads.

Marketing automation, custom fields, call tracking and recording, email tracking, permissions management, API access, custom reporting, and other features are also available on the Onpipeline platform.