What is Oracle?

The best thing about Oracle CRM is that it doesn`t require you to go through complicated installation procedures or buy other software to use it. The product detects your development platform and uses its extensive set of APIs to access your business logic and service-related data, as well as to synchronize everything so that you can simply access and edit it.

Consequently, Oracle CRM developed an infinite number of integration opportunities, covering all information gaps and inconsistencies caused by human mistake. The program itself is quick in developing even the most demanding real-time integrations in your multi-software system in order to link with your other apps and acquire a safe, comprehensive preview on contextual data. As a result, you will be able to browse through all of your systems without the need for additional IT resources. Another advantage that must be noted when considering Oracle CRM is the one-time sign-in.

The solution allows you automated authentication within your networks and portals and does not require login credentials every time you use it. This does not undermine the security of your data because this company considers security to be an essential feature and priority. Therefore, Oracle CRM is a solution from a single vendor. You won`t need any other CRM to respond to project business procedures thanks to its robust integrations. All of your critical business flows, such as lead-to-order and opportunity-to-quote, will be supported by the solution, increasing your effectiveness and productivity.