What is OrangeCRM?

OrangeCRM is a modular CRM. On top of typical CRM functions, you have a choice of twelve different modules, such as banking, events, and admin. You pay for the features you need, reducing cost and complexity in the long run. However, it is an enterprise level solution with a price to match, with the Essentials package beginning at US$ 995/month. That includes modules for Customer, Fulfillment, Banking, 3rd Party Email Services, and a dedicated technical specialist. You get a 60-day money back guarantee when you subscribe to OrangeCRM. OrangeCRM and Modules Modular systems are not for everyone and many small businesses will find that Orange’s capabilities far exceed their requirements.

However, enterprises may find that OrangeCRM is the right mix of preconfigured system plus customization options. Let’s look at the most popular modules in detail. Customer Module The Customer Module is included in the Orange Essentials Plan. This module covers the entire customer lifecycle, and includes features for marketing, sales, and customer service. Orange prioritizes efficiency and gives you loads of automation features that can handle your repetitive and tedious tasks. You’re in control and can set the automation controls and goals to match your business processes. It’s also equipped with contact management. You get a 360-degree view of the customer and their lifetime history of interaction with your company.

The system is capable of managing millions of records. Sales reps, marketers, and customer care agents can all access client info with just a click. And you never have to worry about outgrowing Orange as your business scales. The system is customizable, easy to navigate, and built to process enormous volumes of data. Inventory Fulfillment Also included in the Essentials Plan, the Fulfillment module handles product shipments, digital goods and services, invoices, customer data transmissions, email communications and more. You can customize the fulfillment process according to your business requirements. Whether you deliver a subscription based digital service or automobiles, Orange can adjust to and enhance your process. Orange can also process invoices, shipments, and delivery tracking.

Orange integrates with most fulfillment centers. Banking Part of the Essentials Plan, Orange Baking Module is PCI compliant. It integrates with over 140 payment gateways to provide account management and automated payment processing. Banking automations are fully customizable to your payment system. You also get unlimited merchant accounts and there is no fee for transactions. Analytics The Analytics module delivers sophisticated reporting comparable to Microsoft Dynamics and Salesforce. You get over 120 business reports on-demand, plus the option to customize your own. Information is presented in a relatable way, such as visual aids and quick-reference boards. The analytics mod provides data mining and business intelligence, giving you a granular view of your business health. You can also predict revenue, chargebacks, costs, and other variables using best and worst case scenarios.

Money The Money Module is for businesses that process a lot of international transactions. It can instantly convert foreign currencies, as well as calculating overseas sales tax and shipping costs. MyAdmin MyAdmin is a unique feature of OrangeCRM. This module comes with a dedicated OrangeCRM administrator who can configure the CRM to your specifications. They can also maintain your database and ensure records are accurate and complete. Their assistance is ongoing. As your business scales, you can simply discuss your requirements with the OrangeCRM admin and they will configure the necessary changes. Task Module The task module is a ticketing system for all customer issues, projects, and business tasks.

It can automatically translate emails and chat requests into a Help Desk ticket. Reminders, status updates, and escalations can all be automated. It can also be used to track time, ensuring SLA’s are met. You can also set a predefined series of tasks for resolution. This keeps staff on track, and again, ensures SLA completion. OrangeCRM also comes with customizable permission levels. Other Modules OrangeCRM also includes modules for SOAP, Recording, Events, and more. You can find a detailed list of every module offered on the OrangeCRM website.