What is Pega CRM?

Pega CRM is a fast and efficient CRM system that allows you to give a customer a great customer service experience over the phone. For the company's executives, it is first of all control and complete clarity of what is happening in sales. It is a convenient tool for employees, which greatly simplifies accounting, order processing, sales automation and interaction with customers.

This CRM system with artificial intelligence technology transforms the ways in which businesses increase their interest throughout the customer's journey. It has more than 250 global partners.

Benefits of using Pega CRM:

  • Web based and mobile friendly.
  • Support and guidance.
  • Cross-selling and up-selling.
  • Campaign tracking and customer relationship management.

Most valued features by users:

  • Reporting/Analytics: these are automatic reports generated by CRM. They show everything that happens in sales. The manager can immediately see how each of the managers works and whether he copes with his tasks. It helps to fix many problems.
  • Customer Database: The entire customer base and transactions are stored in CRM. None of the managers will be able to take the client base with them.
  • Contact Management: it unites all channels of communication with clients. All calls, letters, messages from the site are automatically sent to the CRM and sent to the manager to work. When the customer first addresses, an agreement is automatically formed, which the seller will need to process.
  • Email Management: now you can make mass mailings directly in Gmail, without additional services and restrictions on the number of emails.
  • Alerts: Reminders or notifications that will alert you of critical information and help you to overcome or avoid a crisis on time.
  • Internal Chat Integration: when switching to this CRM system, you no longer need to send data to colleagues in separate files. Accounting, sales and marketing will be able to use a single unified customer base and agreements.
  • Lead Management: it is an ideal solution for managing potential customers, which allows you to attract leads, enrich them with relevant data, qualify them, distribute them among sales managers and support them more effectively. As a result, your business will have a higher conversion rate.
  • Segmentation: it is the distribution of the target audience by key features that are important for sales. Pega CRM provides many opportunities for customer base segmentation. You can easily and quickly filter the segment you want. It can be anything: the amount of the purchase, demographics or characteristics of the purchased product.

Thus, Pega CRM's capabilities include: order accounting and sales analysis, communication history with each customer, maintaining an extensive customer base, and features that help organize day-to-day operations and manage employees.

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