What is Pipeliner CRM?

Pipeliner CRM is a sales CRM software that is designed to increase engagement not only between users and the system, but also between users and customers. The platform features a highly visual interface with drag-and-drop functionality, as well as visual reports and automation. To help users focus and assure productivity, all functions are visible and properly structured.

To speed up onboarding and enhance adoption rates, the interface provides consistent navigation and built-in visual help aids. Users can also move between numerous pipeline views, a bubble chart view, a compact view, and a list view, allowing them to operate with a system that best suits their needs. Pipeliner CRM may help you structure your sales process, from prospecting to tracking opportunities. Create as many pipelines as you need and populate them with all necessary contacts. Users can send messages and add activities and documents from a contact page.

Leads can also be qualified and categorized in the pipeline. When a lead turns into an opportunity, the software makes it simple to manage sales efforts and recommends additional tasks to users. Color-coded indicators indicate the progress of tasks connected to opportunities, allowing sales representatives to take action immediately. Pipeliner CRM`s Product Catalogue feature assists sales agents and reps in providing better customer care. This feature integrates a catalog into the system, eliminating the need for agents to switch between systems to quote a price or deliver the product information the consumer requires.

The Product Catalogue also assists sales representatives in quickly determining the appropriate product or service to pitch to customers. The platform has a Sales Performance Insights tool that allows managers to easily monitor and evaluate the results of teams and individual reps. The tool can provide Instant Views on team performance based on predefined KPIs, historical trends, and rep conversion history. You can also rapidly map out data for all users participating in the sales process using the program and get a visualisation of success rates.