What is Podio?

Podio offers a bespoke CRM at an affordable price. You can build the CRM you need by choosing from thousands of apps. Most apps are free and completely customizable. Podio also integrates with other popular software, such as Google Workspace and Freshbooks. Targeted at the real estate industry, Podio easily manages properties, mortgages, viewings, and more. It helps teams collaborate through online workspaces. And it also helps users across the globe collaborate and share ideas through the user-created app ecosystem.

Ease of Use You essentially build your own CRM by choosing apps from the Podio Apps Market. You`ll find hundreds of prebuilt apps for a variety of business functions, from HR to Property Listings. If you don`t find what you need, you can create your own app in just a few minutes. Apps are easily added and removed as your business evolves. Users can create a dashboard that functions perfectly for their business, versus wading through a lot of functionality they don`t need. Podio also allows you to create unlimited Organizations. If you`re managing more than one company, you can create a new set of apps and workspaces for each business. In the left hand column, you`ll see a list of your organizations.

There`s no need to log in and out of various accounts; it`s just one account, one login, for all your companies. Some users claim that the interface is not sensitive enough. However, Podio delivers great versatility and consolidates many business practices into a central hub. Even with a lack of touch sensitivity, it is a top-performer in the ease of use category.

Contact Management Real estate agents have complex relationships with their clients. A lot of moving pieces equals a lot of data to remember. Fortunately, Podio lets you store a huge range of information in your client records. This data can come in the form of customer details, properties, projects, deliverables, meetings, photos, maps, and more. You can also call, message, and email clients directly from the CRM record. In addition, Podio has an excellent set of collaboration tools, such as task management, chat, and shared calendars. Apps Podio`s simplicity plus the breadth of functionality come down to the app ecosystem. Your Podio interface is never cluttered with options you don`t need. You can choose every piece of the CRM`s functionality.

There are thousands of user-created apps to choose from. This means you don`t have to spend time reinventing the wheel. Whatever your business process, there`s probably an app for it. If not, you can create your own or customize the existing templates. Podio creates a platform of ideas for everyone to draw from. You can see what others have done in the app marketplace to solve common (and not so common) business problems. Typical apps include property management, mortgages, leads, marketing, and so much more.