What is Prolocus CRM?

Prolocus is a United Kingdom company that was founded in 2012, and produces a software product named Prolocus CRM. Prolocus CRM is a type of CRM software, and provides features like call logging, customer support, list management, quotes / proposals, segmentation, marketing automation integration, document storage, social media integration, Calendar/Reminder system, task management, internal chat integration, mobile access, and email marketing. It's also cloud based so you can access your data at any time from anywhere. 

It is a professional CRM system for enterprises that is not functionally inferior to Salesforce and Microsoft Dynamics, with greater technological independence at much lower cost. Based on the available data, you can form and optimize marketing goals, build a sales strategy and further development of your company.

The operation of Prolocus CRM is based on 3 principles:

  • The only repository of information, constant access to the database of all customers.
  • Many channels of communication with customers - e-mail, IP-telephony, social networks, chats, events, forms of feedback.
  • Collection, analysis, preparation and processing of data in accordance with the chosen marketing strategy.

Prolocus CRM has a free trial. It comes in three standard packages, Bronze, Silver and Gold. Воно орієнтується на оптимізацію діяльності всередині колективу.  Features of this CRM include:

  • Log Calls: telephony integration is not just about call accounting. It's about convenience, control and efficiency. Keep track of all incoming, outgoing and missed calls. All calls are recorded in one report with the ability to listen to and download a recording of the conversation. Monitor the work of managers to improve communication and increase customer loyalty.
  • SMS Messages: use pre-installed or create your own message templates with variables so that customer information is generated in SMS automatically. This will save managers time and help avoid mistakes due to the human factor.
  • Web Forms: create any web forms on the site to process, store and organize visitor data. Questionnaires, registration forms, comments, applications - all the data you receive can be processed and organized using the module Statistics and CRM.
  • Custom Fields: each CRM element has a standard set of fields, but each business has its own characteristics and information that needs to be preserved. Therefore, you can create additional user fields - they are similar to the standard, they can also be used to search and filter items.
  • Sales Opportunities: Prolocus CRM will help bring order to sales processes, standardize them, make work easier, faster and more convenient.
  • Build Lists: lists are a handy tool for storing information with your own structure and fields. In addition, lists can be processed automatically using business processes.

Prolocus CRM can be considered an ingeniously simple system. It allows you to manage sales of all types, from short orders to extended corporate deals. This platform has become an excellent solution for medium and large businesses, offering maximum functionality, including financial, product, accounting, marketing promotions and special offers.

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