What is Propertybase?

Propertybase is engineered to make your life easier as a real estate agent. You can choose between two editions. The GO platform can be used out of the box, while the Propertybase Salesforce addition is a tailor-made system. Both contain a rich feature set for real estate agents and brokers. Ease of Use Propertybase offers two editions. The Propertybase GO edition is an out-of-the-box product. It's best for businesses that want easy adoption and a simple user experience.

It offers a comprehensive set of CRM tools for real estate that any agency would find useful. However, it's not as customizable as other platforms, and the analytics are somewhat basic. The Propertybase Salesforce edition is a customizable platform. It requires more time to build out your personalized software solution. It's better for more complex agencies with an international presence. Both customization and training take more time compared to Propertybase GO. It's a tailor-made system that offers deep data analysis.

Contact Management The Contact Manager lets you easily browse and organize all your contact information, from property listings to detailed client records. You can filter the info by field, such as zip code, deal stage, property value, and much more. Fields in Propertybase are customizable, so you can sort customer data by any field you create. You can then use these lists to take actions, such as sending a bulk email to all your new leads.

Website A Propertybase website is included in your subscription. This will save you the cost of hosting and developing your own site. Plus, the CRM will send all web behavior directly to your customer profiles. You can see favorited properties, saved searches, page views, search criteria, plus how they navigate around your page. Analysis and Reports Real estate is extremely data-dense. The industry has a vast and complex set of transactions, commissions, and data inputs that, if well leveraged, can be turned into actionable insights. With Propertybase, you can view the data you need on customizable dashboards, from campaign benchmarks to website analytics to win-close rates, and more. This data is easily converted to easy-to-read reports.

Lead Management Automate your lead generation so you can invest more time in closing sales and nurturing your leads relationships. You can automatically send daily, weekly, or monthly emails that follow up with prospective and existing customers. With data analytics, you can send highly targeted messages based on customer behavior or their interests. Plus, you can automatically track subscribers' engagement with your emails, including the number of emails opened, links clicked, and purchases made. MLS Integration Managing property listings can be time-consuming and laborious. Each listing includes information about the price, square footage, and the number of rooms and these have to be entered by hand. And all of the portals have their own rules about what information to include and how to format it. You can avoid this problem entirely with Propertybase.

You can easily import your CSV files to the platform. Plus, Propertybase integrates with all of the popular portals, saving you hours of data entry. Back Office Integration A lot goes on behind the scenes in a real estate agency, such as gathering financial documents. You can use Propertybase for secure document storage. The system can also automatically prompt agents to gather all required documentation and meet compliance rules. Propertybase's back office and transaction management software is cloud-based, which means your brokerage can update documents, make changes, and review forms from any internet-enabled device.