What is Prophet CRM?

Avidian's Prophet CRM is a cloud-based customer relationship management (CRM) application that can be integrated with Microsoft Outlook to extend its functionality. Multiple sales teams can use the solution to consolidate their emails, contacts, calendar information, and communication records into a single application. On a daily basis, Prophet CRM automates the tracking of Outlook-based emails, meetings, contacts, and calendar invites.

Users can work directly with one application and track activities in the sales pipeline using a single Outlook interface. The solution provides valuable sales process insights as well as the ability to track winning and losing leads. Salespeople can use the Prophet CRM dashboard to track client engagement, view their pipeline and scheduled tasks, set follow-ups, prioritize tasks, and set reminders for critical milestones.

Contact & Account Management

Prophet's contact manager can keep track of contacts, companies, and accounts. Contacts can be filtered and sorted by categories, job titles, and states. A relational database of account company records, people, tasks, and opportunities is also created by the contact manager. Prophet can also send out automated group emails and follow-ups.

Opportunity & Project Management

Opportunity Manager enhances Outlook by allowing relationships between companies, contacts, emails, tasks, and calendar events to be linked to a single object. Sales opportunities can be quickly found, sorted, and filtered. Prophet can also build relational databases of account company records, people, tasks, and opportunities. All emails, tasks, appointments, and documents related to a project or opportunity can be tracked from within Outlook.

Management Reporting

Management reporting enables businesses to derive actionable insights from Prophet data. It includes 30+ pre-formatted reports that make it simple to run reports. Reports can be saved in Excel, text, HTML, or PDF. Analytics are included to provide advanced visualization, drill-down, analytics, and reporting.

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