What is Prospect CRM?

Prospect CRM is geared toward B2B companies that sell physical products, such as manufacturers, wholesalers, and distributors. Prospect manages the complex B2B sales process where closing can take months. It also creates quotes, accepts orders, manages inventory, and tracks deliveries. With eCommerce integration, you can ensure your business never stops selling. Ease of Use Prospect CRM sits squarely in the middle in terms of ease of use. It incorporates a lot of features on top of CRM, such as eCommerce, order processing, inventory management, and delivery tracking. The sheer number of features means the software will take longer to learn. However, the integration between front-office and back-office creates a much more streamlined business.

Keeping all business platforms and information in a single place also increases efficiency, productivity, and turnaround time between order to delivery. Sales Features Sales reps can issue professional looking quotes from their mobile. They can also take orders, check inventory, and push the order through to the back-office without any re-keying. All the information associated with the client is stored in the customer profile. In a simple timeline, users can see status updates, notes, client communication, and more. The CRM also stores information like product descriptions, inventory level, and available discounts. You can close--and deliver--in record time using Prospect CRM. Marketing Features You can make quick changes to your website on the go using Prospect`s Content Management System.

Pivot your campaigns in real-time if a campaign fails to engage. And keep customers apprised of offers and other time-sensitive information with just a few clicks. You can also integrate with Mailchimp and Spotler to send bulk email campaigns and automate marketing processes. Customer Service Features Help Desk ticketing ensures all customer issues are recorded and routed to the correct department in real-time. Customer service, accounts, and warehousing all speak to each other using the ticketing system. Cutting the time between problem to solution also makes for a great customer experience. Orders and Inventory The Mobile app allows you to access catalogues and product descriptions from anywhere.

You can also place orders and track their status. Stock levels, pricing, and product files are also built into the CRM interface. eCommerce With Prospect CRM, you can build customer portals and web shops. Everything is connected, ensuring online orders are reflected in inventory levels, internal work orders, and invoicing. This keeps your business going 24/7 and eliminates data entry. Prospect integrates with Stripe, or you can use Zapier to connect to other payment portals.