Raynet CRM is a system that allows you to quickly and conveniently take into account customer needs and manage them with cloud applications to manage customer interactions. Raynet CRM has become very popular due to its simple but efficient interface. 

Raynet CRMhelps businesses everywhere. It has more than 12,000 users in 120 countries. Customer satisfaction survey with RAYNET CRM users showed that they chose this CRM because of its simplicity, price and functionality.

It has 3 basic features - each one of them is pure magic, and together, they will increase your sales:

  • Organize your data.
  • Gain control of your business.
  • Solve your daily routine.

In addition to the standard features that each CRM system has, Raynet CRM also includes many other features such as data organization, interaction tracking, performance reporting and transaction management.

Features of Raynet CRM:

  • Contacts and management: this feature allows you to keep all business contacts in one place and view the history of all interactions with potential customers.
  • Deals management: Raynet CRM keeps a complete history of all your transactions, allowing you to identify and strengthen the plan's weaknesses.In addition, this feature helps predict the success of future deals.
  • Reporting: the system contains the necessary tools to analyze individual processes of your business campaigns. It provides regular multidisciplinary reports that can be shared with the team and exported to docks of the required format.
  • Mobility: manage your business from anywhere - all you need is your smartphone.
  • Email Tracking: With CRM, you can create emails based on proven patterns, building consistent and managed communication with your potential and existing customers. The system will notify you about their interaction with your messages and provide analytics, which will make your e-mails more effective.
  • Security: The operation of RAYNET CRM is secured by one of the largest and most modern IT infrastructures in the world - Amazon Web Services (AWS). The AWS data centers  are able to withstand critical situations such as natural disasters, massive hacker attacks, and power source breakdowns.
  • Integration and API: you don't have to radically change business processes to a new ecosystem - all you need to do is combine the capabilities of all your tools, and their interaction will be optimized automatically. You can connect your RAYNET CRM with third-party systems such as Google Calendar, Google contacts, MailChimp, iCal, Solidpixels, Integromat and many more.

You can try RAYNET for yourself free with no long-term commitments for up to 30 days. Boost your business with RAYNET CRM. 

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