What is Real Geeks?

Real Geeks offers an all-in-one real estate sales marketing solution for the agent or broker that wants to grow their business & close more deals. It is a popular CRM platform that is great for businesses of all sizes. It is easy to use, has a convenient information panel that provides access to all important tools.Features of this system include automatic tracking of emails and meetings, work with social networks and e-mail.

Optimize your workflows with custom features:

  • Live Feed. Real Geeks has its own live news feed. The live feed displays the latest events of the portal: news, comments, new files, system events, etc. In the feed, everyone will be able to create a task, business process, leave a comment and a note - and all in one place. Even with remote work, you are in the thick of things and news.
  • Advanced Search Filtering. The filter in the CRM card allows you to find the desired event or filter items by type very quickly. This is especially convenient if you communicate a lot with the client or work with long-term deals. You can use additional fields to create your own filter - for example, by date or event author.
  • Email & SMS notifications. As leads enter the system, agents are automatically notified by email and SMS to follow up immediately. Thanks to the convenient integration of CRM with other services, you can communicate with customers by e-mail or SMS directly.
  • Track Lead Activity. Use chatbots, subscription forms and landings to collect contacts. Add contacts to your CRM automatically and track them until the transaction is successfully completed.
  • Statuses & Urgencies. In CRM, status is the stage at which communication with the client is currently located. Agents will be able to quickly visualize the distribution of clients throughout their sales pipeline. The background logic in the CRM automatically updates a lead’s Status based on their behavior. 
  • Social Profiles. Automatically find leads' social presence on the web to help agents engage. This feature allows you to aggregate information about customers and other members of your business in one place. CRM allows you to combine multi-channel contact information from social networks. Real Geeks is able to find potential customers through social networks, segment visitors and provide support through built-in chat.
  • Agent/Lender Lead Routing. This CRM is able to automatically assign potential customers to segment them based on source and geographic location. This tool will help you quickly conduct analytics and build the right marketing strategy.
  • Email Integration & Sync. Integration with mail will allow you to set up email marketing and record all interactions with customers. To store e-mail and other message records, you need to synchronize your email system with client-side applications.
  • Follow-Ups & Reminders. It only takes 1 click to set a task! Real Geeks will announce the new task and will remind you about the deadlines! A handy calendar will help you plan your working time and appointments. Most importantly, no one will lose anything, and notifications will not allow you to forget about an urgent meeting or task.

View the structure of the company, the list of employees, reports to management and even business processes - all here, of course, interesting and simple!

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