What is RealOffice360?

RealOffice360 is a real estate CRM software designed for small and mid-sized businesses. It helps real estate businesses manage clients, appointments, daily tasks, and payments on a unified portal. The prime features include contact management, client activity tracking, sales pipeline management, real estate website management, email marketing, notes, opportunities management, secure data storage, a calendar system, and more. Other features include workflow suggestions Google contacts import, tasks, MailChimp database sync for digital marketing.

Real estate agents can create a client list with quick and central access to their contact database of leads and prospects or import contacts easily using the import wizard. Users can also set goals, deadlines, and prioritize client tasks. Deal tracking allows marketers to handle a variety of sales operations like lead capturing, sourcing, commission tracking, taxes, follow-ups, etc. Automated reminders help real estate agents serve customers with high quality and timely manner. 

RealOffice360 allows users to optimize communication with clients by sending email updates and logging client touches all in one place. Plus, users can create and manage professional real estate websites with functions like website customization, SEO management, map search IDX/MLS integration, and more.

RealOffice360’s CRM allows you to add as many customer contacts and even their personal notes as you need to perform your duties productively. Additionally, the RealOffice360 calendar system enables you to track, manage and prioritize important daily, weekly and monthly tasks. The software gives users the flexibility to access CRM anytime, anywhere via desktop, laptop, tablet, and mobile. 

RealOffice360 integrates with various applications such as Google Calendar, MailChimp, Mailing Labels, Microsoft Outlook, etc. It supports iOS and Android apps to ensure high-quality communication over the Internet and on the go.