What is RealPage?

RealPage is a cloud-based property management solution designed for businesses of any size. It helps owners, managers, and investors in the real estate industry to organize and store compliance documents, service requests, electronic records, and digital assets. RealPage is a useful solution for managing various types of properties, such as conventional multifamily, affordable, military, student, single-family, senior, vacation, commercial, and more. The prime features include budgeting, accounting, purchasing, facilities maintenance, document management, surveys/referrals, digital asset management, marketing, and reporting.

Property owners or managers can organize workflows,  automate financial operations, and centralize transaction processes with an accounting system. The software offers multiple customizable functions like records,  forms, reminders, standard reports, etc. 

The document management module allows users to maintain, search, organize, and publish a variety of electronic records, such as financial statements, training resources, and compliance data.

Revenue management helps users to achieve revenue productivity goals year by year, outperform the market, and integrate with major property management systems.

Owners, managers, and investors can reduce the risk while staying ahead of the market with end-to-end investment management. A modern and easy-to-use interface provides visibility of asset data from the various financial and operational systems in real-time.

RealPage offers a resident portal that includes real-time notifications, maintenance tickets, and lease renewal functionalities, allowing users to manage tenant information, communication, service requests, and rentable item reservations.

The software integrates with third-party service providers, such as RentTrack IRIO, PointCentral, and Phoenix.

RealPage provides solutions and services for every aspect of rental property management, helping to maximize the value of your property.