What is RealtyBackOffice?

RealtyBackOffice is a fully featured Real Estate CRM Software created to serve companies and SMEs. The software provides a set of features for business users to increase productivity and perform core functions. Automation with RealtyBackOffice Brokerage Software for Real Estate further reduces the need for your employees to perform monotonous tasks so they can focus on critical tasks and apply creative skills to solve problems. This online CRM system offers file sharing, calendar management, accounting, contract management, and segmentation in one place. The main functions include transaction management, e-signing and forms library, brokerage management, commission tracking and forecasting, agent management, and other functions that we will consider in this RealtyBackOffice overview.

It is worth noting that the software integrates with such popular tools and systems as Google Apps, Quickbooks Online, Mailchimp, Dropbox, Insightly CRM, Contactually CRM, Kunversion CRM, Wave Accounting Software, and so much more.

RealtyBackOffice cares about the security and privacy of your information, so every document uploaded to RealtyBackOffice is backed up to the cloud at least 3 times in multiple backup locations, so you can be sure that all your documents are safe with it. In addition, the software uses Secure Sockets Layer (SSL) and AES-256-bit encryption to ensure that every word you type and all documents you upload are always protected. RealtyBackOffice is fully optimized for Windows, Mac, and mobile devices, it works on any computer connected to the Internet, so there is no software to install, just the web browser you are currently using.

The first feature in our RealtyBackOffice overview is RBO Transaction where tasks are automatically added to transactions and you have full control over when a task is filled in a transaction and when it becomes due, tasks can be set to become due days before or after certain transaction key dates. Within a transaction, you can add an unlimited number of contacts related to the transaction, which are also automatically added to the RBO contact manager, making it easy to automatically populate the contact the next time you need to add the same contact to another transaction. In this way, you never have to manually add workflow templates to a transaction because that can lead to errors that could ultimately put the transaction at risk.

With RBO, you will be able to create a library of company forms that will be available to your agents in their electronic signature module and form gallery. Agents will then be able to fill out these forms and of course, have their electronic signatures. Documents can then be signed easily using a computer, tablet, or mobile phone.

Equally important in the RealtyBackOffice overview is that you can fully customize the appearance of your account with your company's colors and logo using predefined skins for all national franchises as well as independent brokers.

Just as you can create transaction workflow templates, you can also create agent workflow templates, define agent permissions, and track their activity level by recording important agent-related notes, conversations, or phone calls in the agent's user profile.

In the conclusion of this RealtyBackOffice overview, we can say that this is software that automates a large number of your tasks, and, in general, will increase the efficiency of your business.

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