What is RealtyJuggler?

It's a powerful real estate CRM system. You can be better organized and less worried using RealtyJuggler. It's like having your own virtual personal assistant!

It aids in the management of contacts, appointments, and leads in a data store that different users can access. The software has been used by real estate professionals to keep track of their prospects, buyers, listings, and closings.

Because it is cloud-based software, RealtyJuggler works on any Internet-connected device that has a modern web browser. This functionality offers various advantages to RealtyJuggler users:

  • Multi-User - works in groups
  • Accessible from any location
  • It is compatible with both Mac and Microsoft Windows.
  • Backup data is automatically replicated.
  • Upgrades are both free and automated.
  • Encrypted and secure

Key features of this CRM:

  • Contact and Account Management: You can save and retrieve information about customer contacts and properties. Keep track of brokerage communication as well as contact and property information.
  • Opportunity and Pipeline Management: Manage real estate sales opportunities from lead to close. Keep track of the stages, values, and probability of closing. Pipelines can be managed by individual brokers, teams, regions, or company-wide.
  • Task / Activity Management: Realty Juggler will help you streamline real estate duties and activities. To manage daily schedules and tasks, coordinate essential dates and integrate them into calendars.
  • Listing Management: From within the system, you may edit and update property listings, as well as combine data from several MLS and real estate listing services.
  • Email Marketing: This program allows you to send emails to a large number of people at once. Pre-built email templates, social network integration, subscriber list management, sign up forms, success rate reporting, A/B testing, and auto-responders are some of the most common features.
  • Transaction Management includes negotiating contract terms and conditions between buyers and suppliers, as well as documenting and agreeing on any modifications or adjustments that may occur throughout the sale.
  • Realty Jugger's lead management feature allows users to manage and monitor leads as they progress through a process. Lead creation, customer inquiry, inquiry capture, lead screening, lead grading, lead distribution, and lead qualifying are all common processes in the lead processing.

Leads may be imported from websites' "contact us" portals, Internet data exchange (IDK) portals, and other organizers like Top Producer, ACT!, and Agent Office (Online Agent).

Databases may be shared with assistants, partners, and employees. RealtyJuggler is multi-user and includes a number of real estate-specific features, such as transaction management, listing comments, DRIP Letters, real-estate flyers, and the option to print mailing labels, among others.

Google Gmail Contacts and Google Calendar may be used to synchronize contacts and calendars  of this CRM. There are a variety of alternative real estate software systems available, but they can be complicated to use and require specialized expertise. For RealtyJuggler, this isn't the case.