What is Realvolve?

Realvolve is a web-based CRM system for real estate agents and organizations. Contact management, task management, property transaction management, and communication with third-party applications are all included in the software. The software keeps track of a client's personal and professional information, including their social network usernames and previous correspondence. The software creates personalized marketing campaigns for clients on their birthdays and anniversaries based on their recorded information and social media profiles. Clients are notified of new real estate transactions via email and SMS on a regular basis by the program.

Realvolve keeps track of all documents and lists of all parties involved in a property sale or purchase. The lists aid in the comprehension of clients' needs, allowing them to obtain property deals that are relevant to them. The CRM system keeps track of referral sources and provides a user-friendly interface for entering and reviewing new leads. The software keeps a photo book and a portfolio of all the homes that are for sale. Users can see the dates and actions associated with a particular contact, property or monetary transaction with Realvolve's per-item calendar.

Realvolve synchronizes contacts, calendars, notes, and tasks with Google Apps and Evernote, and users can even add remarks and attachments to company data via email. Data can be imported from other CRM applications and contact details exported to Google Drive to print labels and envelopes.

Key benefits of using Realvolve

  • Realvolve keeps track of all critical tasks and activities in a calendar and notifies users of important dates like listing expiration and contract deadlines.
  • The program keeps meticulous records of services rendered and calculates net commissions for each client transaction.
  • Regular workflows are used to automate repetitive processes, and the calendar view is used to keep a record of all significant events scheduled for the week.
  • The CRM system keeps track of individuals, contacts, listings, and documents in one place and gives clients quick access to earlier correspondence.
  • The application creates and updates customized HTML document templates, allowing users to drag and drop files and images directly from their desktop.


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