What is Referral Maker CRM?

Referral Maker CRM is a cloud-based software that allows sales agents and real estate businesses to manage leads, client feedback, databases, performance tracking, and more through a single portal. Based on contact information, client relationship, and income goals, the platform includes an automated system that provides personalized activity plans and financial goals.

Referral Maker CRM enables businesses to track objectives, to-do tasks, and scheduled and upcoming appointments via an interactive dashboard, as well as write notes, call prospects, and plan client meetings via an integrated priority action center. Marketers can also create, launch, and manage custom marketing campaigns in order to engage their target audience.

Referral Maker CRM includes a mobile application that allows marketing teams to access client databases, contacts, calendars, and daily action plans from mobile devices, as well as record and send video messages to customers.

Referral Maker CRM allows users to prioritize tasks, create appointments using the built-in calendar, and follow up on to-do lists. Managers can also gain insights into metrics such as sales and leads, team performance and activities, conversion rate, and more by using real-time data and reports.

One of the features we like about Referral Maker is their Business Dashboard, which provides users with a snapshot of their current transactions. It tracks metrics in real-time, such as average list price, average sales-to-close ratio, commission, and even upcoming appointments.

Referral Maker integrates seamlessly with social media platforms such as Facebook, allowing users to optimize their social media strategy. It also connects social networks directly to email marketing campaigns, allowing you to expand and strengthen relationships through social media. This real estate CRM provides simple features and cutting-edge technology for improved lead tracking and follow-up. It's an excellent choice for industry professionals who want to stay organized and grow their businesses through relational marketing.