What is Remine?

Remine is intuitive in use, elegant in design, and powerful in practice, a complete MLS solution that reinterprets digital real estate. Remine strives to be a flexible partner to the real estate community. The software works with MLS/Associations across North America to provide state-of-the-art real estate technology that creates transparency and trust between real estate agents and customers and helps create a seamless end-to-end real estate transaction that will grow their business. The key features that we will consider in our Remine overview include the single-sign-on dashboard, add/edit, search & display, transaction management, RESO API data delivery, database, and consumer website. All these features improve your overall performance resulting in a streamlined experience.

Remine stands out for its elegant and modern design, which makes it easy to use the entire set of tools. The solution provides control and customization on multiple fronts, making it the most robust MLS interface for search, display, public listings, and customer engagement. And the ability to combine MLS data, public records, and consumer information makes it possible to create geo-farming features that place tremendous insight into the hands of MLS members.

First of all the Remine overview, we should start with MLS 2.0 which is the culmination of Remine's modular solutions that provide a complete MLS suite solution, and full integration between products creates a modern and fully mobile MLS platform. 

You can easily create a listing with the most advanced add/edit solution for MLSs to reduce time and simplify the workflow. This technology enables MLSs to customize listing fields according to their market area and provides a modern API that allows sellers and brokers to submit listings through their internal tools. In addition, Remine stores unlimited photos, videos, and virtual tools in high resolution on desktop or mobile, making your listing stand out.

Another useful feature in this Remine overview is SSO. This customizable single sign-on admin panel gives real estate professionals access to MLS and broker solutions for a seamless workflow. You can customize MLS partners and provide stockholders' associations and brokers with custom dashboard options without additional fees or delays. You will have access support for both SAML and OpenID connect with a usage dashboard for MLS SSO products to keep in touch and share messages and news in one place. The database module is built using modern technologies with a fully documented API infrastructure to keep your data under control.

You can provide consumers with a modern, local alternative to publicly available national search websites by offering an MLS website, which we'll also look at in this Remine overview. This solution promotes real estate listing agents while driving lead generation for brokerages. 

Other features of Remain include shared cloud transaction management, end-to-end document creation, electronic signature, multi-party collaboration, and transaction management in one place. You can easily manage all transaction documents and stay compliant with a fully downloadable audit report and detailed revision history. Remine API is a flexible product that is built for transparency and provides detailed reports to brokers to give insight into data management.