What is ResMan?

ResMan is the industry-leading property management platform suitable for investors, owners, and operators. If you own, operate, or invest in multifamily apartments with more than 100 units then you should try ResMan. The system supports residential, commercial, and even affordable housing. ResMan's property management platform seamlessly handles accounting, auditing, and affordable compliance, providing owners and operators with an end-to-end solution that delivers consistent NOI growth and an exciting resident experience. A convenient user interface saves your time and increases work efficiency. All these features increase tenant satisfaction, retention rate, and profits.

A key feature of accounting is an automated AR process to help users manage collections, receivables, and records complete with audit trails in real-time. The AP workflow enables centralized invoicing with real-time permissions to complete check-runs, including tools for allocation and expense control, inventory tracking, and so on. Users can also manage customized GL accounts and map different accounts to properties.

Property owners, managers, and operators can measure operations and financial performance across all properties with real-time, side-by-side asset comparison through the boardroom feature.

Customizable budgeting templates allow users to pull historical data from a General Ledger. Users also can forecast financial performance and occupancy, project renewals, and define budgets at their discretion. 

ResMan helps organizations to manage leads, storing all important contact details and communication in one place. Users can follow through on leasing activities, and automate communication with clients. It`s really simple with SMS integration that allows users to generate, send, and receive text messages via the ResMan platform in real-time. Mobile access enables professionals to serve customers on the go and respond to urgent inquiries at any time.