What is Revamp CRM?

Revamp CRM addresses the particular needs of an eCommerce site, such as marketing, sales, payments, and inventory. Specifically, it helps you get to know your online customers and deliver an exceptional customer experience. Revamp currently partners with most major eCommerce platforms, such as WooCommerce, Shopify, and BigCommerce.

Ease of Use Revamp presents a colorful and easy-to-use interface. There`s no lengthy onboarding required and most users can use the software intuitively. With Revamp, you can plug-in all your apps and departments into a single login and get a big-picture view of your business from a single screen. The CRM also comes with plenty of drag-and-drop functionality, making it easy to build workflows, pipelines, and email campaigns. On the downside, the software is prone to lagging and the occasional bug. Users report system downtime as a major drawback for Revamp CRM.

Marketing Features One of the hazards of the eCommerce business model is you never get to meet your customers face to face. However, eCommerce software generates a lot of valuable data about your clients, such as product preferences and average order value. Revamp CRM can pull all these data points together to create detailed customer profiles. You can then segment your marketing campaigns with over 40 filters--or create your own. You get a plethora of customer information at your fingertips. Marketers can then create targeted messages to win back inactive accounts, retain loyal customers, and reach more prospects. This is made easy and efficient through Revamp`s marketing automation tools.

Automation Tools Revamp CRM`s automation tools go beyond the marketing team. Sales and business operations can also reap the benefit of automating daily workflow routines and follow-up routines. Virtually any task you do repeatedly can be set up for some aspect of automation. Revamp comes with dozens of automation templates and you can customize the steps to your process. Revamp offers automated reminders, email campaigns and follow-ups, event awareness automations, and more. eCommerce Tools Revamp offers an abundance of features specifically for your eCommerce site.

There`s a product recommendation template to help you upsell and cross-sell customers. You can also automate your promotional offers and product launches. Automated syncing across your eCommerce, POS, and Inventory applications eliminates most data entry and gives a real-time picture of your business and customers. Sales Tools Revamp CRM offers unlimited pipelines and contacts.

The CRM integrates with over 80 other applications, so you can import tasks, notes, deals, and other data from other systems with just a CSV file. Their Lead Clipper tool can find and add new leads to the system with just one click. It`s also easy to build a rapport with customers and leads, given the 360-degree profiles that include client notes, previous account actions, files, invoices, and where they are in the sales funnel. Revamp CRM lets you slice and dice data to create customized sales reports too.