What is Rooftop?

Rooftop is a platform that integrates email management, team collaboration, and project management. Internal communication, task management, and customer service are all streamlined with this web-based system. Rooftop includes features like a shared email inbox, preset responses, intelligent search, smart routing, reporting, and more to help teams work more efficiently.

Rooftop's project management platform allows teams to create bespoke workflows and client pipelines collaboratively. Task assignment, scheduling, document management, and real-time communication are all included. The platform also features a built-in easy CRM solution that allows teams to simply organize and track client information in order to expedite sales processes. Rooftop charges per user, per month. Annual plans are offered at a discounted rate. Support is available by live chat, email, and a phone number.

Conversations and tasks are one and the same in Rooftop. The ability to save all emails related to a task in one location is a major benefit. When a task is completed, it can be closed, and all emails associated with it will be properly archived so they don't clog your inbox. A team inbox on steroids, in our opinion, could only serve as a project management tool.