What is Sales Rabbit?

SalesRabbit is a sales tracking & lead management solution and one of the best products in the market to automate sales and marketing processes. In addition to the main functions, it has tools for developing key behaviors and motivation. Its main purpose is to improve the performance of sales reps and increase sales conversions. If you provide contractor services, heating, ventilation, air conditioning, roofing, pest control, pool maintenance, and more then SalesRabbit will be your reliable assistant.

SalesRabbit’s digital sales tools allow sales reps to legitimize their sales pitch when in the field through interactive presentations and remote document and content access. An additional advantage is that users can access digital contracts from any device and sign them with a digital signature even on the go.

Leaderboards with key performance indicators, built-in chat, and GPS tracking allow management to track rep’s progress and enhance performance. Users can automate and organize repetitive tasks with automatic lead tracking, data gathering, and progress mapping. Field workers can easily manage their territory with the digital area management tool. Managers can assign specific territories to sales reps by drawing on the map and color coordinating areas.

The SalesRabbit offers learn module that, with the help of online training, information from professionals in their field, and a reporting system, helps employees gain new knowledge and track their progress.

SalesRabbit integrates with the leading software and data providers, including Microsoft Dynamics, Salesforce, Zapier, Docusign, JobNimbus, Agemni, FillQuick, MarketSharp, PestPac, SecurityTrax, and Improveit 360.

The software is accessible on Windows and iOS devices, as well as on mobile devices (iOS and Android).