What is SalesJunction?

Value for money is one of SalesJunction`s most significant advantages. Unlike other affordable solutions that leave out premium features, SalesJunction is one low price for everything. You get workflows, automation tools, sales dashboards, alerts, scheduling, and more for US$ 12.50/month. However, the system isn`t pretty, and the UI needs an update. Lags are also common, resulting in mixed reviews among its users. Ease of use To create a high-function yet low-cost CRM, corners must be cut somewhere. For SalesJunction, it`s the user interface.

The boxy, gray interface is reminiscent of software from the early 2000s. The outdated look and feel may make the platform unfamiliar and unintuitive to younger users. SalesJunction keeps the interface very simple. However, the features it does make available aren`t the best use of space. For instance, it prominently displays an alphabetical tabbing system for customers and companies. Many modern businesses would prefer better filter options than the alphabetic approach. It also separates the search bar feature into accounts and people vs. one universal search function.

Perhaps the most flawed aspect of the UI is its unresponsiveness. As you switch between tabs, the screen goes blank for a few seconds. Simply jumping from contact to contact details involves a slight delay. It`s only a matter of a few seconds, but they add up when virtually every feature lags. Overall, despite the strength of its sales features, the UI lacks both visual appeal and ease of use. You`ll make a trade-off between cost and usability with SalesJunction. Knowledge Base Online information about SalesJunction is extremely limited. If you get stuck in a process, there`s no online knowledge base to assist.

The Youtube channel is also outdated, with few video tutorials published. Customization Options SalesJunction receives a high user rating for customization. You can configure custom fields within every module (contacts, opportunities, accounts, reports, and more). Track the data you need and create granular business reports with the help of their customization options. Sales Features Sales automation: SalesJunction can automate repetitive and administrative tasks, such as follow-ups, data entry, and automatic alerts. Email: SalesJunction integrates with most email systems allowing you to have a full view of the client record when reaching out.

You can create custom templates for the repetitive pieces of your email campaigns. There`s also a document library so you can readily attach contracts, quotes, sales brochures, and more to your emails. Sales reports: You can print various reports from their templates, such as sales pipelines, territory performance, and case backlogs. Or you can create a report from scratch, though this is not a user-friendly feature. Reports can be automatically sent to key stakeholders on a schedule, such as quarterly forecasts. Dashboards: It`s easier to keep your priorities in focus with a customizable dashboard.

You can configure the dash to include whatever information is relevant to your work--reports, calendars, tasks--whatever helps you stay on course. Mobile app: Sales reps can keep client data at their fingertips using the multi-device SalesJunction app. Users can view and update company data on the go. Contact management: SalesJunction comes with 360-degree customer profiles for both accounts and people. It`s ideal for account-based selling strategies.